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Jan 25, 02:32 Dragonsand
Traded 12 Genie Lamps for gems

Jan 25, 02:42 Kriegspire
Healed by Curator of Kriegspire

Jan 25, 02:47 Dragonsand
Cast 18 x Armageddon

Great Wyrms and Dragons

Jan 25, 13:56 Free Haven
Dismissed Spellmaster, Mystic
Hired Duper, Merchant

Jan 25, 14:00 Dragonsand
Loot from Dragons
Amulet of Fire, Ring of Light, 2 Rings of Dark
Conan (Axe 3D7+10, of Dragon Slaying, of Devil Slaying)
Artemis (Bow 5D2+12, +20 Electrical damage, -10 Elemental Resistances)
Party has over 2,000,000 gold

Jan 25, 14:32 Free Haven
Dismissed Duper, Merchant
Hired Spellmaster, Mystic

Jan 25, 14:36 Control Center
Button opens door, 1 chest: Blaster Rifle
1 Chest: 12 Memory Crystals
1 Chest: 11 Control Cubes and Proclamation: "Super-Goobers"
Upstairs, 1 chest: Blaster Rifle, 1 chest: Blaster

Jan 25, 18:53 Sweet Water
Remaining Devil King
Set Beacon just outside Hive

Jan 25, 19:13 The Hive
Reception Hall
SE hole: switch (opens central grate), 1 chest
SW hole: switch, 1 chest, teleport button to entrance, Keg (+20 HP))
NE hole: 1 chest, 1 chest: Hive Sanctum Key

NW hole: switch, 1 chest
Central Grate, switch in room NW

Jan 25, 23:03 Paradise Valley
Hydras in valley
Dragons and Hydras in sand

Jan 26, 02:08 Kriegspire
Healed by Curator of Kriegspire

Jan 26, 02:13 The Hive
Inner Sanctum, switch -> drop down
The Reactor -> drop down, all effects of wells and spells are gone!!

Jan 26, 03:24 Leaving with Ritual of the Void