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Jan 24, 11:40 Dragonsand

Jan 24, 11:45 Tomb of VARN
Efreet: Merlin (Staff, +40 SP, of Swiftness)
Back Door Key from Sentinel
1 Chest in Guardroom SW: Captain's Code, Flame Door Key, Crystal Skull,
another Mordred (Dagger 2D3+8, Vampiric)
1 Floor up, west: a few guards
Up North, a Genie (W), a Djinn (C), Teleport to top Elevator room
Right switch to go down
Plaque: "The Entrance to the Central Pyramid lies to the south"
Hermes (Boots +17, +100 Speed, -40 Accuracy)
Water Temple (closed, set beacon)
Bathing Genies
Ring of Water
Jan 24, 15:20 Back Door
Magic Lamps
Pendragon (Cloak +11, +30 Luck, Thievery, Immunity to Poison)
Library: top-level Elemental Spellbooks
Mural: Engineer's Code
Mural: Communication Officer's Code
Jan 24, 18:11 Bibliotheca Chest - locked, set beacon
Flame Door, radiation damage!

Plaque: "The Well of VARN must be keyed last"
East Lane NS: up the stairs
Picture door: Jumping over abyss, genie stairs, 3-way pool
Abyss: Star room, to NW way of 3-way pool, taking SW way
1 Chest: First Mate's Code, Water Temple Key
Hall is blocked under Pool of VARN!
Jan 24, 23:08 Water Temple
1 Chest: Navigator's Code, Bibliotheca Key, Crystal Skull
Bibliotheca Chest: Doctor's Code, VARN Chest Key
South: Doctor's Code "yoccm"
SE: Navigator's Code "ulus"
NE: Communication Officer's Code "aruhu"
NW: Engineer's Code "yttocs"
SW: First Mate's Code "kcops"
Pool of VARN: Captain's Code "krik" -> Pool floor opens

Control Room
1 Chest: Control Cube

Jan 24, 23:59 Free Haven

Jan 25, 00:00 Oracle of Enroth
Delivered Control Cube
[fame=14631] and access to the Control Center
Quest: Obtain Arcane Magic from Archibald (Melian)

Jan 25, 00:07 Ironfist
Quest: Find Third Eye (Prince Nicolai Ironfist)
Third Eye from well
Delivered Tird Eye
Tanir's Bell, Library

Freed Archibald Ironfist
[fame=14831], Ritual of the Void, and despicable

Jan 25, 00:09 Oracle of Enroth

Jan 25, 00:09 Control Center

Computer Terminal -> Blaster Skill (HXIG)
1 Chest: Ancient Weapon, 1 chest: empty, 1 chest: empty
Storage room #6, 1 chest: 2 blasters and 1 rifle
1 Chest: blaster
4 Chests in room CS: 1 rifle, 3 blasters, full set of Memory Crystals + Cube

Jan 25, 02:30 New Sorpigal
Rooftop of Buccaneer's Lair