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Jan 21, 09:43 New Sorpigal

Jan 21, 09:44 Gharik's Forge
Switch in secret room, 1 chest

Bridge: Top NW, Bottom NE, Bottom SE, bridge moves, Bottom NW, Top NE
Treasure room: 2 chests
1 Chest: Letter to Marcus
2 Chests: Scrap from Gharik's Journal
Elevator down
Door to Laboratory
Lane of Fire
Upstairs, spellbooks in bookcase
1 Chest: Hourglass of Time

Jan 21, 12:34 Mist
Dismissed Spellmaster, Mystic
Collected Bounty: 4000 gold for Greater Werewolf
Delivered Hourglass of Time
Gained favor of Lord Albert Newton

Jan 21, 12:39 Silver Cove
Collected Bounty: 1800 gold for Acidic Ooze

Jan 21, 12:40 Free Haven
High Council
Refusal by Slicker Silvertongue

Jan 21, 12:40 Ironfist
Quest: Cure for Silvertongue (Wilbur Humphrey)
Cloak of Baa

Jan 21, 12:41 Free Haven
Hired Duper, Merchant

Jan 21, 12:44 Paradise Valley
Bought Ring of Light

Jan 21, 12:46 Free Haven
Dismissed Duper, Merchant
Hired Spellmaster, Mystic

Jan 21, 12:48 Paradise Valley

Titans and Hydras around town
[fame=6238] and Ring of Fire
Titans west
1 Chest, party has over 500,000 gold
Titans north, 1 chest NE, Hydras at Baa Temple, Titans SW

Jan 21, 16:53 Kriegspire
Temple area

Jan 21, 17:11 Superior Temple of Baa
Podium: "Expert Perception is the key, and the doors of Baa will let you be
The spiral then each head, talk to Baa or you'll be dead"
31 Barrels, 1 chest, 7 barrels
The Spiral
4 barrels, High Cleric's Key, 2 chests
"Baa One here"
"Baa Two ready"
"Baa Three standing by"
"Baa Four is a go"
High Sorcerer's Key

Letter from Zenofex
18 Barrels, 8 cauldrons
Almighty Head of Baa 4 x 50,000 exp, honorable -> vile
8 Cauldrons

Jan 21, 21:22 New Sorpigal
Donating to Temple -> respectable

Jan 21, 21:22 Ironfist
"Take letter from Zenofex to High Council" (Wilbur Humphrey)

Jan 21, 21:22 Free Haven
Exposed Silvertongue
Saintly and access to the Oracle