<< Xena Lair of the Wolf >>

Jan 18, 09:00 Free Haven
Distributed horseshoes (XXXXXIIIG)
Hercules and Gabrielle Expert Shield
Hercules Expert Plate
Xena and Iolaus Expert Fire Magic
Iolaus Expert Dagger
Hercules Expert Sword
Hercules Expert Merchant
Bought Spellbooks Fire Blast (XI)
Gabrielle Expert Mind Magic
Gabrielle Expert Body Magic
Hercules Master Plate
Dismissed Merchant
Hired Gatemaster

Jan 18, 09:22 Mist
Dismissed Gatemaster
Xena and Iolaus Master Water Magic
Xena and Iolaus Master Fire Magic
Iolaus Master Air Magic
Xena and Iolaus Master Leather
Hercules Expert Spear
Hercules Expert Repair
Xena Expert Staff

Jan 18, 09:24 New Sorpigal
Hercules Expert Perception
Xena, Iolaus and Gabrielle Expert Bodybuilding
Xena, Iolaus and Gabrielle Expert Meditation
Set Beacon Scholar's house, 2 chests

Jan 18, 09:24 Free Haven
18/09:35 Free Haven Hired Merchant
Hercules, Xena, Iolaus and Gabrielle Master Bodybuilding

Jan 18, 09:40 Mist
Xena, Iolaus and Gabrielle Master Meditation

Jan 18, 09:40 Frozen Highlands
Xena, Iolaus and Gabrielle Expert Dark Magic
Gabrielle Expert Mace
Hercules Expert Bow
Hercules Master repair
Iolaus Master Dagger

Jan 18, 09:56 Shadow Guild

Jan 18, 09:57 Ironfist
Gabrielle Expert Chain
Set Beacon at Throne Room

Jan 18, 10:13 Blackshire
Hercules Master Sword
Hercules Master Shield
Gabrielle Master Mace
Bought Spellbooks Prismatic Light (XI)
Well +30 Temporary Magic Resistance

Jan 18, 10:25 Mire of the Damned
Hercules Master Spear
Hercules Master Perception

Jan 18, 10:32 Silver Cove
Gabrielle Master Body Magic
Xena Master Staff

Jan 18, 10:42 Kriegspire
Well +30 Temporary Level
Gabrielle Expert Light Magic
Well +40 Temporary Armor Class
Hercules Master Bow

Jan 18, 10:57 Free Haven
Dismissed Duper, Merchant
Hired Spellmaster, Mystic

Jan 18, 11:03 Kriegspire
Cast 6 x Armageddon
Cleared snow area

Jan 18, 12:48 Agar's Laboratory
Gems in chandeliers
Switches -> Eyes appear
Elevator down, switch -> Eyes
Elevator down, empty chest -> Eyes

2 Chests (one empty): Page from Agar's Journal

Jan 18, 14:19 New Sorpigal
Leftover goblins
Dismissed Spellmaster, Mystic
Scholar: "some great rings"

Jan 18, 14:22 Free Haven
Hired Duper, Merchant

Jan 18, 14:24 Mist
Dismissed Duper, Merchant
Hired Sailor

Jan 18, 14:24 Silver Cove
Boarded the Barracuda

Jan 19, 14:24 Party arrives in the Eel Infested Waters
Dismissed Sailor
Gabrielle Master Light Magic
Set Beacon

Jan 19, 14:27 Kriegspire
Well +30 Temporary Level
Well +40 Temporary Armor Class

Jan 19, 14:30 Sweet Water
Well +50 Temporary 7 Statistics

Jan 19, 14:30 Free Haven
Hired Spellmaster, Mystic

Jan 19, 14:32 Blackshire
Well +30 Temporary Magic Resistance

Jan 19, 14:38 Lair of the Wolf
Quest: Pearl of Purity to Wilbur Humphrey (Ghost of Balthazar)
Quest: Pearl of Putrescence (Ghost of Balthazar)
Pearl of Purity
Destroyed Werewolf's Altar

Jan 19, 16:05 Blackshire
Reported Werewolf's Altar destroyed

Jan 19, 16:05 Lair of the Wolf
4 Crates, 1 barrel, 2 barrels, 3 chests
Transporter stairs NW, 1 barrel
Werewolf Leader -> Pearl of Putrescence
Delivered Pearl of Putrescence
10 Barrels, 1 chest SW, 1 chest SE, 2 barrels
Transporter stairs NE, 2 barrels, 2 chests

Jan 19, 19:55 Ironfist
Delivered Pearl of Purity