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Jan 04, 06:07 Free Haven
Hired Duper, Merchant

Jan 04, 06:09 New Sorpigal
Fixed Price NS Coach Company

Jan 04, 06:11 Ironfist
Meditation skill for Xena, Iolaus and Gabrielle
Bought Spellbooks Mind Blast, Charm, Mass Fear, Heroism, Healing Touch, Guardian Angel, Lucky Day, Cure Wounds, Protection from Poison, Harm (G)
1 Chest SE of Castle
Joined Berserkers' Fury
Quest: Harp (Andrew Besper)
Fixed Price Royal Lines
2 Horseshoes at stables

Jan 04, 06:20 Free Haven

Archers at Temple Baa
Bought Spellbooks Acid Burst, Water Walk (X)
Bought Spellbooks Town Portal, Ice Bolt, Water Walk (I)
Bought Spellbooks Fireball, Ring of Fire, Protection from Fire (X)
Bought Spellbooks Fireball, Ring of Fire, Haste, Meteor Shower (I)
Bought Spellbooks Speed, Power (G)
Dismissed Duper, Merchant
Archers at Shrine
Quest: Ethric's Skull (Gabriel Cartman)
Mages East, Mages SE

Jan 04, 08:42 New Sorpigal
Goblins at Self Guild, Goblins and Mages at Abandoned Temple

Jan 04, 08:58 Abandoned Temple
1 Chest in spark hall
Angela Dawson, Treasure in Cages
1 Chest East
6 Cobra Eggs + 1 Chest
Queen Spider -> Heart
1 Chest West

Jan 04, 13:04 Free Haven
Hired Gatemaster, Duper

Jan 04, 13:06 New Sorpigal
Dismissed Gatemaster
Returned Sharry Carnegie
Collected Bounty for Cleric of Baa: 1500 gold
Hired Merchant
Delivered Spider Queen
Brought home Angela Dawson
Axe, Spear and Staff skills for Hercules
Staff and Leather skills for Gabrielle
Sold Cobra Eggs (6 x 300 gold)
Bought Spellbook Precision (G)
Air Magic skill for Xena
Bought Spellbooks Deadly Swarm, Protection from Magic, Static Charge (X)
Bought Spellbooks Protection from Electricity, Cold and Fire (I)
Dismissed Merchant

Jan 04, 13:16 Free Haven
Hired Gatemaster

Jan 04, 13:18 Silver Cove
Dismissed Gatemaster
Hired Merchant
Bounty: "Acidic Ooze"
Chain and Plate skills for Hercules
Repair skill for Xena, Iolaus and Gabrielle
Well +20 Temporary Intellect/Personality
Reported Prices Fixed
Gained favor of Lady Fleise
[fame=687] (Reputation down 1 level)
Light Magic skill for Xena, Iolaus and Gabrielle
Bought Spellbooks Create Food, Golden Touch, Dispel Magic, Slow, Destroy Undead, Day of the Gods (G)
Bought Spellbook Stone to Flesh (I)
Bought Spellbooks Feeblemind, Turn Undead (G)
Dismissed Duper, Merchant

Jan 04, 13:29 Kriegspire
1 Chest north of town
Asked Hermit to end Winter in Frozen Higlands
1 chest NE
Obelisk #4
Placed Bear Statuette

Jan 04, 13:55 Shadow Guild

Jan 04, 13:56 Dragoon's Caverns
Did not touch the 2 switches in secret room east corridor
Down the stairs, 1 Barrel, +10 Luck (X) from stone face
Jan 04, 15:07 1 Chest: the Flute
Switch, Elevator down, 1 Chest
Switch opens treasure room, set beacon

Jan 04, 16:05 Ironfist
Hired Locksmith

Jan 04, 16:06 Dragoon's Caverns
1 Chest: Orders from the Shadow Guild; second contents
Dismissed Locksmith

Bridge, narrow bridge, switch
Elevator down, 1 Chest NE room, 2 Chests
Harp in second chest from the left of 6 chests

Jan 04, 17:52 Free Haven
Hired Duper, Merchant
Bought Spellbooks Power Cure, Flying Fist (G) Dismissed Duper, Merchant

Jan 04, 18:00 Dragoon's Caverns
Veteran, Oozes

Jan 04, 20:12 Shadow Guild

Jan 04, 20:15 Ironfist
Lizardmen north, 1 Chest
Lizardmen and Baa Followers at Seer
Lizardmen and Baa Followers central plains
Returned Harp

Jan 04, 22:12 Free Haven
Hired Duper, Merchant

Jan 04, 22:15 Shadow Guild

Jan 04, 22:16 Frozen Highlands
Reported End of Winter
Gained favor of Erik von Stromgard
Bought Spellbooks Reanimate, Toxic Cloud, Mass Curse, Shrinking Ray, Day of Protection (X), Shrapmetal (I)
Dismissed Duper, Merchant
Hired Gatemaster