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Jan 03, 17:22 Mire of the Damned
Fixed Price Darkmoor Travel
Quest: Snergle's Axe (Avinryl Smythers)
Crate NE: Aegis (Shield: Armor +29, Immune to Flesh to Stone effects, of Shielding, +20 Luck, -20 Speed)

Jan 03, 17:29 Shadow Guild

Jan 03, 17:30 Free Haven
Hired Duper, Merchant
Iolaus Expert Water Magic
Bought Spellbook Remove Curse (G)
Bought Spellbooks Cure Paralysis, Cure Insanity, Telekinesis (G)
Shield skill for Hercules
Bodybuilding skill for everyone
Bought Spellbook Stone to Flesh (X)
Earth Magic skill for Iolaus
Bought Spellbooks Cure Poison, Cure Disease (G)
Bought Spellbook Lloyd's Beacon (I)
Set Beacon at Temple Baa
Fixed Price FH Travel West
Dismissed Duper, Merchant
Hired Gatemaster

Jan 03, 17:54 Party arrives in Blackshire
Dismissed Gatemaster
Set Beacon
Fixed Price BS Coach and Buggy
Well +50 Temporary Luck
2 Horseshoes at stables
Quest: Place Statuettes (Twillen)
Quest: Werewolf's Altar (Maria Trepan)
Quest: Emmanuel (Joanna Cravitz)
Well +5 Permanent Magic Resistance
Well +30 Temporary Magic Resistance (HIG)
Chest in sand Far West
Lord Kilburn's Shield
Deck of Fate
Chest in sand West
Obelisk #5
Chest in sand SE

Jan 03, 18:36 Free Haven
2 Chests SW

Jan 03, 18:49 Free Haven Sewer (at Takao's)
4 Blue Potions in grates
Mixed Essence of Luck (I)
1 Chest
6 Yellow Potions

Captured Prince of Thieves
1 Chest, 1 Cabinet
Jan 03, 20:22 [fame=161]

Jan 03, 20:23 Free Haven Sewer (at Sergio Carrington's)
Clockwise: 4 Yellow Potions in grates, 7 Blue Potions, 1 Chest
(Empty Potion Bottles in grates), 7 Red Potions in main hall
4 Red Potions in grates, Well restores HP, 1 Chest, Teleporter room

Jan 03, 23:21 Shadow Guild
Mixed Essence of Might (I)
Mixed Essence of Luck (HX)

Jan 03, 23:25 Frozen Highlands
Brought in Prince of Thieves
Gained favor of Lord Anthony Stone

Jan 03, 23:30 Shadow Guild

Jan 03, 23:32 Shadow Guild Hideout
Wall switch in S room

1 Chest: Letter from the Prince of Thieves, wall switch in N room
1 Barrel, ring in fireplace
Treasure Room, 5 barrels, wall switch
1 Chest: Guild Key
Wall switch in W room, and again in S room
Sharry Carnegie

Jan 04, 01:33 Party arrives in Ironfist
Sword in Stone
Delivered 6th Letter to Wilbur Humphrey
Promotion Quest (Crusader): Damsel in distress (Wilbur Humphrey)
Council Quest: Lord Kilburn (Wilbur Humphrey)
Delivered Lord Kilburn's Shield
Gained favor of Wilbur Humphrey
Set Beacon

Jan 04, 01:39 Shadow Guild

Jan 04, 01:41 Free Haven
Hired Duper, Merchant

Jan 04, 01:45 Blackshire
Joined Light Guild
Dark Magic skill for Xena, Iolaus and Gabrielle
Bought Spellbooks Armageddon (XI), Shrapmetal (X)
Dismissed Merchant

Hired Gatemaster

Jan 04, 01:50 New Sorpigal
Identify Item skill for Hercules
Merchant skill for everyone
Perception skill for everyone
Dismissed Gatemaster, Duper
Goblins at Bridge to Ironfist, Apple Trees, Goblins at Goblinwatch

Jan 04, 02:29 Goblinwatch
Switch in S room, 1 Chest
Entered NILBOG
Jumped in hole, 4 Chests
1 Chest west, 1 Chest east

Jan 04, 05:22 [fame=494]

Goblins South, Mages SE, Goblins at docks