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Jan 01, 11:11 Hercules, Xena, Iolaus and Gabrielle arrive in Free Haven
Dismissed Gatemaster, Duper
Joined Duelist's Edge
Quest: Find Sherrell (Carlo Tormini)
3 Barrels at docks
Joined Smuggler's Guild

Jan 01, 11:17 Free Haven Sewer (at Sergio Carrington's)
Sewer Key in grates + some 7,500 gold

Jan 01, 11:20 Free Haven Sewer (at Takao's)
Treasure Room
Jan 01, 11:27 [fame=19]

2 Horseshoes (XI) at FH Travel West
Hired Stonecutter, Carpenter
Dropped Carpenter and Stonecutter off at FH Temple
Xena Expert Water Magic
Hired Duper, Merchant
Bow skill for Xena, Iolaus and Gabrielle
Chain and Shield skills for Gabrielle
Joined Earth, Water, Air and Fire Guilds
Quest: Get Mordred (Zoltan Phelps)
Bought Fly spellbook (I)
2 Horseshoes (II) at FH Travel East
Joined Body, Spirit and Mind Guilds
Bought Lloyd's Beacon (X) and Town Portal (X) spellbooks
Council Quest: Devil's Outpost (Osric Temper)
Promotion Quest (Cavalier): Nomination (Osric Temper)
Mixed Essence of Might (G)
Mixed Essence of Accuracy (HXI)
Set Beacons at Osric Temper's and Temple Baa
Jan 01, 12:25 Obelisk #8
Nomination by Chadwick Blackpoole in Rockham's Pride
Reported Nomination
Promotion Quest (Champion): Warlord (Osric Temper)
Dismissed Duper, Merchant
Hired Pathfinder, Explorer

Jan 02, 12:53 Party arrives in the Mire of the Damned
Obelisk #9
Quest: Book of Liches (Terry Ros)
2 Horseshoes (II) on slope west of Darkmoor
Set Beacon

Jan 02, 13:08 Free Haven
Dismissed Pathfinder, Explorer
Mixed Essence of Might (X)
Hired Horseman, Gatemaster
Iolaus Expert Air Magic

Jan 02, 13:13 Hercules, Xena, Iolaus and Gabrielle arrive in Silver Cove
Quest: Monolith (Eleanor Vanderbilt)
Council Quest: Price Fixing (Loretta Fleise)
Promotion Quest (Great Druid): Ceremony of the Sun (Loretta Fleise)
Fixed Price Abdul's Discount Travel
2 Horseshoes (II) at stables

Jan 02, 13:20 Free Haven
Fixed Price FH Travel East

Jan 03, 13:26 Hercules, Xena, Iolaus and Gabrielle arrive in Kriegspire
Dismissed Horseman
Fixed Price King's Highway
(No Horseshoes)
Quest: Jeweled Egg (Emil Lime)
Well +30 Temporary Level
Set Beacon
Well +40 Temporary Armor Class

Jan 03, 13:41 Party arrives in the Frozen Highlands
Fixed price White Cap Transport Co.
2 Horseshoes (II) at stables
Well +20 Temporary Speed/Accuracy
Well +30 Temporary Might
Council Quest: End Winter (Erik Von Stromgard)
Promotion Quest (Battle Mage): Key to Dragon Towers (Erik Von Stromgard)
Obelisk #7
Joined Protected Services
Council Quest: Prince of Thieves (Lord Anthony Stone)
Q (Council): Prince of Thieves (Lord Anthony Stone) Promotion Quest (Priest): Restore Free Haven Temple (Lord Anthony Stone)
Reported Free Haven Temple restored
Promotion Quest (High Priest): Sacred Chalice (Lord Anthony Stone)

Jan 03, 14:18 Shadow Guild

Sparks room
Teleporter room
Set Beacon
Jan 03, 15:32 [fame=145]

Joined Dark Guild
Repair Item skill for Hercules
Staff skill for Xena and Iolaus

Jan 03, 15:35 Shadow Guild
Teleporter room
Entered "Arrow"

3 barrels and a Genie
Letter to the Prince of Thieves
Entered "Time", "Dark" and "Fish"
Another Genie
Mixed Essence of Accuracy (G)
Mixed Essence of Luck (G)
Jan 03, 17:20 [fame=154]