Xena Adventurers >>

Jan 01, 09:00 Hercules, Xena, Iolaus and Gabrielle arrive in New Sorpigal
2 Horseshoes (XX) at stables
Party uses Fly scroll from bank wall
Delivered Letter to Andover Potbello
Quest: Candelabra (Andover Potbello)
Joined Buccaneer's Lair
Joined Blade's End
Hercules took Sword in Stone
Joined Self Guild
Quest: Rescue Angela (Violet Dawson)
Joined Elemental Guild
Quest: Kill Spider Queen (Buford T. Allman)
Well +10 Temporary Might
Opened Rock on shore
3 chests among Goblins NE
1 chest on island east
4 chests among Mages SE
1 chest behind Goblinwatch
2 chests near bridge to Ironfist
Mixed Essence of Intellect (XI)
Mixed Essence of Personality (G)
Mixed Essence of Endurance (HXIG)
Mixed Essence of Might (H)
Well 8x +2 Permanent Luck (XXXXIIGG)
Rooftop of Buccaneer's Lair

Jan 01, 09:50 Dragonsand
Touched Shrine of the Gods

Jan 01, 09:52 New Sorpigal
1 chest, 2 barrels at docks
Jan 01, 10:01 Town Hall
Quest: Rescue Sharry Carnegie (Frank Fairchild)
Quest: Discover Goblinwatch Code (Janice)
Bounty: "Cleric of Baa"

Jan 01, 10:05 Goblinwatch
Goblinwatch Code / 3 chests in west room
Jan 01, 10:18 [fame=1]

2 chests outside Abandoned Temple

Jan 01, 10:23 Abandoned Temple
2 barrels

Candelabra in chest and 1 barrel in room east
Jan 01, 10:46 [fame=3]

Hired Duper
Obelisk #15 with 2 horseshoes (XX)
Hired Merchant
Bought Spellbooks Poison Spray (XI), Sparks (I)
Returned Candelabra
Delivered Goblinwatch Code
Quest: Chime of Harmony (Janice)
Leather skill for Xena and Iolaus
Mixed Essence of Speed (HXIG)
Dismissed Merchant
Hired Gatemaster