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Jan 06, 23:29 Tomb of VARN
Set Beacon (M#2)
Back Door Key from Sentinel
1 Chest in Guardroom SW (Captain's Code, Flame Door Key, Crystal Skull)
Top Elevator Room
Right switch to go down
Plaque: "The Entrance to the Central Pyramid lies to the south"
Drinking Haste potions
2 Guardians and a Sentinel block narrow corridor
Party retreats and circles past
Passing bathing genies
Jan 07, 00:27 Back Door
Jan 07, 00:51 Library
Mural (Engineer's Code)
Mural (Communication Officer's Code)
Bibliotheca Chest locked
Pool Room from the north
Radiation Damage!
Jumping into hole east
Jan 07, 01:03 Star Room
3-way pool, taking SW way
Luring guards out of south door of final room
Party gets back in by north door
1 Chest (First Mate's Code, Water Temple Key)
Healed by Free Haven Expert Healer
Jan 07, 01:26 Water Temple

1 Chest (Bibliotheca Chest Key, First Mate's Code, Crystal Skull)
Jan 07, 01:36 Library

1 Chest (Doctor's Code, VARN chest key)
Healed by Curator of Kriegspire
Pool Room: entering "yttocs, aruhu, ulus, yoccm"
Healed by Free Haven well (using up charges)
Pool Room: entering "kcops, krik"
Control Room
1 Chest: Control Cube

Jan 07, 01:54 Oracle
Access to Control Center
Healed by Curator of Baa

Jan 07, 01:54 Control Center
Blaster Skill fro everyone from computer terminal
1 Chest (Blaster)
4 Chests in room central south (1 Rifle, 3 Blasters)

Jan 07, 02:10 Castle Ironfist
Quest: Third Eye (Nicolai)
Third Eye from well behind castle
Delivered Third Eye to Nicolai
Tanir's Bell to free Archibald
King's Library
Archibald released
Ritual of the Vault
Hired Master Healer (Free Haven)
Healed by Curator of Kriegspire

Jan 07, 02:12 Sweet Water

Jan 07, 02:12 The Hive

SW Hole: Switch
Dismissed Master Healer
NE Hole: 1 Chest (Hive Sanctum Key)
Healed by Curator of Kriegspire
SE Hole: Switch
Healed by Curator of Kriegspire
Central Grate
Switch in room NW
Healed by Curator of Kriegspire

Jan 07, 04:23 Free Haven
Hired Healer
Hired Expert Healer

Jan 07, 04:26 The Hive
Central Grate
Elevator NE
Demon Queen

Jan 07, 05:20 Exit with Ritual of the Void