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Jan 04, 19:54 Mire of the Damned

Jan 04, 19:55 Dragon's Lair
Longfang Witherhide -> Dragon Claw


Jan 04, 20:08 Ironfist
Wilbur Humphrey: "Use royal yacht"
Delivered Claw of Longfang Witherhide to Wilbur Humphrey

Jan 04, 20:08 Mire of the Damned

Jan 04, 20:08 Castle Darkmoor
Lane to south, then west, north
"The Crimson Embers will lead the way"

Switch turns Cube#1 red
Red Cube: "The way has been cleared", opens wall
4 Brews
Up Ramp at side inner castle, bypassing Cube#2
Secret entrance
Blue Cube#3 puts party down in room (Telekinesis cast)
"The fires of dead shall burn forever", Cube3 turns red
Memory Crystal Delta

Cube3 teleports to Lich sanctuary
Destroyed Book of Liches
Majestic Chainmail of the Medusa

Jan 04, 21:10 Free Haven
Hired Windmaster
Dismissed Windmaster

Jan 04, 21:10 Mire of the Damned
Reported Book of Liches destroyed

Jan 04, 21:12 Free Haven
Hired Gatemaster

Jan 04, 21:15 New Sorpigal
Dismissed Gatemaster

Jan 04, 21:17 Dragonsand
1 Chest on island
Well +10 Permanent Resistances
Well +10 Permanent Statistics
1 Chest on island
1 Chest on island

Jan 04, 21:48 New Sorpigal
Hired Pathfinder
Hired Tracker

Jan 04, 21:49 Dragonsand

Jan 04, 21:54 Tomb of VARN
Set Beacon (S#2)

Jan 04, 21:54 Dragonsand

Jan 05, 22:00 Hermit's Isle
Set Beacon (M#1)

Jan 05, 22:00 Kriegspire
Well +30 Temp Level
Well +40 Temp Armor Class

Jan 06, 22:08 Sweet Water
Dismissed Pathfinder
Dismissed Tracker
Well +50 Temporary 7 Statistics

Jan 06, 22:30 The Hive

Jan 06, 22:30 Sweet Water
Set Beacon (J#3)

Jan 06, 22:30 Kriegspire
Well +30 Temp Level
Well +40 Temp Armor Class

Jan 06, 22:30 Free Haven
Hired Duper
Hired Gatemaster

Jan 06, 22:33 Blackshire
Well +30 Temp Magic Resistance (Stone effect)
Hired Merchant
Dark Magic skill for Aditu
Bought Spellbooks Mass Curse, Shrapmetal, Day of Protection, Dragonbreath (all Aditu)
Dismissed Duper
Dismissed Merchant
Jan 06, 22:37 Hermit's Isle

Jan 06, 22:54 Supreme Temple of Baa
Jumping down 2x to land on the bridges pillar
Pushed Silvertongue into the lava

Memory Crystal Alpha

Jan 06, 23:06 Free Haven

Jan 06, 23:07 Oracle
Power On
Set Beacon (M#1)
Placed Memory Crystals
Melian, Guardian of Enroth

Quest: Control Cube (Melian)
Set Beacon (M#1)