<< Seoman High Council >>

Jan 04, 17:19 Kriegspire
Well +40 Temporary Armor Class
Set Beacon (M#2)

Jan 04, 17:36 Devil Outpost

Devil of Baa -> Devil Plans

Jan 04, 17:48 Free Haven
Reported Knight's Nomination to Oscar Temper
Delivered Plans from Devil Outpost to Oscar Temper
Gained favor of Oscar Temper
Hired Gatemaster

Jan 04, 17:50 New Sorpigal
Dismissed Gatemaster

Jan 04, 18:02 Gharik's Forge
Jumping down spiral
Button in secret room
Set Beacon (J#3) at treasure room
Bridge: Top NW, Bottom NE, Bottom SE, bridge moves

Bottom NW, Top NE, Treasure Room opens
2 Chests
Second hidden Treasure Room
2 Chests (Scrap from Gharik's Journal)
Elevator down
Door to Laboratory
Divine Dagger of Ice
Spellbooks in bookcase: Shared Life, Speed, Heroism (all Aditu), another Shared Life
1 Chest (Hourglass of Time)
Party has over $100,000

Jan 04, 18:58 Free Haven
Hired Gatemaster

Jan 04, 19:00 Mist
Dismissed Gatemaster
Perception skill for everyone
Delivered Hourglass of Time to Albert Newton
Gained favor of Albert Newton

Jan 04, 19:04 Free Haven
High Council
Slicker Silvertongue refuses access to Oracle

Jan 04, 19:05 Castle Ironfist
Reported refusal
Quest: Cure for Silvertongue (Wilbur Humphrey)
Cloak of Baa

Jan 04, 19:05 Free Haven
Hired Psychic
Hired Scout

Jan 04, 19:08 Kriegspire
Well +10 Permanent Magic Resistance (A)
Set Beacon (J#3)

Jan 04, 19:09 Free Haven
Healed Aditu at Free Haven Temple

Jan 04, 19:14 Kriegspire

Jan 04, 19:16 Superior Temple of Baa
Set Beacon (J#3) etc.
Priest of Baa -> High Cleric's Key
2 Chests
1 Bookcase (Spellbook Reanimate (A, later))
Priest of Baa -> High Sorcerer's Key
1 Chest: Letter from Zenofex


Jan 04, 19:53 Castle Ironfist
"Take Letter from Zenofex to High Council"(Wilbur Humphrey)

Jan 04, 19:53 Free Haven
Dismissed Psychic
Dismissed Scout
Exposed Silvertongue

Admission to Oracle