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Jan 04, 15:30 Eel Infested Waters (Alamos)
Set Beacon (M#2)

Jan 04, 15:30 Kriegspire
Well +30 Temporary Level

Jan 04, 15:30 Castle Ironfist
Delivered 6th Letter to Wilbur Humphrey
Lord Kilburn (Wilbur Humphrey)
Gave Shield of Lord Kilburn to Wilbur Humphrey
Gained favor of Wilbur Humphrey
[reputation Honorable]

Jan 04, 15:30 Frozen Highlands
Brought Dragon Tower Keys to Erik von Stromgard
Battle Mage
Quest (Warrior Mage): Reset Dragon Towers (Erik von Stromgard)
Reported Dragon Towers reset
Warrior Mage
Well +30 Temporary Might

Jan 04, 15:30 Free Haven
Hired Windmaster
Dismissed Windmaster
Bought Fly Scroll

Jan 04, 15:30 Mist
Dismissed Gatemaster
Brought Gharik's Laboratory Key
Albert Newton says go to Gharik's Forge

Jan 04, 15:33 Silver Helm Outpost
First door right
Secret passage
Melody Silver
2 Chests

Jan 04, 15:52 Castle Ironfist
Delivered Damsel in Distress Crusader [fame=581]
[reputation Glorious
Quest (Hero): Slay Longfang Witherhide (Wilbur Humphrey)

Jan 04, 15:52 Free Haven
Hired Duper
Hired Merchant

Jan 04, 15:54 Alamos
1 Chest NW of docks ($3,000)
Bought Ring of Light, Wand of Clouds, Spellbook Ring of Fire (J)
Set Beacon (M#2) at Castle Alamos

Jan 04, 16:00 Free Haven
Bought Spellbooks Stone to Flesh (SM), Ring of Fire (SM), Fly (J)
Dismissed Duper
Dismissed Merchant

Jan 04, 16:04 Kriegspire
The Hermit on the Mountain
Chest near Hermit ($3,000)
Quest Jeweled Egg (Emil Lime)
Delivered Jeweled Egg to Emil Lime
Well +10 Permanent Magic Resistance (SMJ)

Jan 04, 16:10 Frozen Highlands
Reported End Winter to Erik von Stromgard
Gained favor of Erik von Stromgard
[reputation Angelic]

Jan 04, 16:10 Free Haven

Jan 04, 16:13 Free Haven Sewer (at Takao's)
Right-hand turn
4 Blue Potions in grates
1 Chest, 1 Cabinet
Prince of Thieves


Jan 04, 16:44 Shadow Guild
West: "arrow" -> Shadow Guild exit

Jan 04, 16:47 Frozen Highlands
Reported Free Haven Temple restored to Lord Anthony Stone
Delivered Prince of Thieves
Gained favor of Lord Anthony Stone
[reputation Saintly]

Jan 04, 16:50 Eel Infested Waters
Aditu Master Light Magic

Jan 04, 16:58 Castle Alamos
Divine Dagger of Infernos

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