<< Seoman Price Fixing >>

Jan 03, 14:38 New Sorpigal
Reset Dragon Tower

Jan 03, 14:39 Dragonsand
2 Chests ($32K)

Jan 03, 14:41 Blackshire
Reset Dragon Tower

Jan 03, 14:42 Frozen Highlands
Reset Dragon Tower

Jan 03, 14:43 Free Haven
Hired Duper
Hired Merchant
Bought Spellbooks Mass Fear, Cure Insanity, Remove Curse, Raise Dead, Resurrection, Cure Poison, Cure Disease, Power Cure (all Aditu)
Bought Fly scroll
Reset Dragon Tower

Jan 03, 14:48 Shadow Guild
South: "time" -> Dragoons' Caverns, Armored Boots of Magic

Jan 03, 14:53 Castle Ironfist
Fixed Price Royal Lines

2 Horseshoes (AA) at stables
Sword from Stone
Set Beacon (S#1)
Quest (Crusader): Damsel in distress(Wilbur Humphrey)
Dismissed Duper
Dismissed Merchant

Jan 03, 15:05 Free Haven
Hired Gatemaster

Jan 03, 15:06 Mist
Dismissed Gatemaster
Reset Dragon Tower
Bodybuilding sill for everyone (Duelist's Edge)
Quest (Council): Hourglass of Time(Albert Newton)

Jan 03, 15:10 Silver Helm Outpost
Set Beacon (M#2) etc.
Second door left
1 Chest (Enemies List)
2 Chests (Key to Gharik's Laboratory)


Jan 03, 15:23 Free Haven
Hired Gatemaster

Jan 03, 15:25 Silver Cove
Reported Prices Fixed
Gained favor of Loretta Fleise
[reputation Average]
Reset Dragon Tower
Donated to Temple
[reputation Respectable]
Boarded Cerulian Skies