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Jan 03, 12:59 Blackshire
Dismissed Gatemaster
Set Beacon (M#2)
Joined Light, Dark guild
Fixed Price Blackshire Coach and Buggy

2 Horseshoes (AA) at stables
Well +50 Temporary Luck
Well +5 Permanent Magic Resistance (disease)
Set Beacon (S#1)
1 Chest far NW in sand (Stellar Bow, Day of Protection scroll, $10K)
1 Chest NW in sand (Elven Cloak of the Gods, Wand of Blasting, $13K)
Deck of Fate
1 Chest central (Lord Kilburn's Shield, Hades, Imperial Leather, Precision Bow of Cold, Heroic Sword of Thunderbolts, $7K)

1 Chest SE in sand (Majestic Chainmail of Power, Ring of Dark, $13K)
Hired Duper
Hired Gatemaster

Jan 03, 13:22 New Sorpigal
Dismissed Gatemaster
Set Beacon (S#1)
Hired Merchant
Fixed Price New Sorpigal Coach Company
Mixed Essence of Accuracy (SMAJ)
Fire Magic and Earth Magic skills (SMJ)
Bought Spellbooks Poison Spray (SMJ), Awaken (J)

Jan 03, 13:25 Blackshire
Light Magic skill for Aditu
Bought Spellbooks Day of the Gods (A), Prismatic Light (A), Hour of Power (A)

Jan 03, 13:25 Kriegspire
Aditu Expert Light Magic
Bought Town Portal scroll

Jan 03, 13:25 Frozen Highlands
Fixed Price White Cap Transport Co.

2 Horseshoes (AA) at stables
Dismissed Duper
Dismissed Merchant
Well +30 Temporary Might
Set Beacon (S#2)
Quest (Council): End Winter(Erik Von Stromgard)
Quest (Battle Mage): Key to Dragon Towers (Erik Von Stromgard)
1 Chest outside Icewind Keep (Cavalier Gauntlets of Power, Ring +10 SP, $3K)

Jan 03, 13:42 Icewind Keep
Set Beacon (S#3) etc.
Button NW
Button NE
1 Cabinet
Lever in throne
Treasure Room
4 Chests (Dragon Tower Keys, Letter from the Dragon Riders, some items +HP, $10,000)

Mixed Essence of Luck (SMAJ)
Jan 03, 14:13 [fame=20]

Quest (Council): Prince of Thieves(Lord Anthony Stone)
Quest (Priest): Restore Free Haven Temple(Lord Anthony Stone)

Jan 03, 14:23 Shadow Guild
Sparks Room

Click, Ca-Click, Snick, ping!
Letter to the Prince of Thieves
Past Genie through screen
Teleporter Room
Set Beacon (S#3)
Jan 03, 14:38 [fame=24]