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Jan 02, 11:52 Mire of the Damned
Set Beacon (J#2)
Dismissed Explorer
Dismissed Pathfinder

Jan 02, 11:52 Free Haven
Bought Fly scroll
Hired Horseman
Bought Spellbook Lloyd's Beacon (M)
Free Haven Travel East
Party has $909

Jan 03, 12:00 Kriegspire
Dismissed Horseman
Fixed Price King's Highway
Used Fly scroll
Well +30 Temporary Level

Set Beacon (M#3)
Renewed old Beacons

Jan 03, 12:01 Mire of the Damned
1 Chest NW (Wand of Shrapmetal, Angelic Helm of the Unicorn, Olympian Shield of Poison Resistance, $12K)
Set Beacon (M#1) at Castle Darkmoor

2 Horseshoes (SS) on mountain slope
Quest: Book of Liches (Terry Ros)
Fixed Price Darkmoor Travel

Jan 03, 12:08 Kriegspire
Well +40 Temporary Armor Class

Jan 03, 12:15 Castle Kriegspire
1 Chest near entrance (1 horseshoe (S))
Set Beacon (M#2) at corridor split
2 Chests in wall (Ultimate Boots of the Troll, 2 Horseshoes (SS))
1 Chest (Jeweled Egg, 1 horseshoe (A))

Main corridor
Set Beacon (J#2) at Curator corridor
Around the 4 rooms
5 Horseshoes (AAAAA) in guard room east
1 Chest (1 horseshoe (A), Ring of the Eclipse)
SE: up the stairs to ledge, button in central pillar

Barred way opens
Memory Crystal Epsilon, 7 barrels (3 empty)
1 Chest: 1 horseshoe (A), Olympian Shield of Electric Resistance, Spellbook Iceblast (J)
Set Beacon (J#2) at Curator of Kriegspire

Wand of Charms, Thunder Mace of Doom
Mixed Essence of Might (SMAJ)

Jan 03, 12:44 Free Haven
Hired Duper
Hired Merchant
Seoman Expert Water Magic
Nomination from Chadwick Blackpoole
Bought Spellbooks Lloyd's Beacon (S), Awaken (M)
Dismissed Duper
Dismissed Merchant
Hired Gatemaster