Hidden treasure
Place Description
New Sorpigal A Fly scroll in the south wall of the bank.
New Sorpigal The well near the tavern gives 100 gold when your purse is empty.
New Sorpigal A rock on the shore north is a chest.
Goblinwatch A nice set of armor in the wall - Saladar.
Silver Helm Outpost A spellbook in one of the pews in the monks' chapel(?) - Peter2.
Silver Helm Stronghold In the Chapel: a Power Staff of Infernos - Peter2.
Ironfist There's a scroll in a tree - Saladar. If you go North from the Temple of Baa to the left of the mountain, you will find a tree that is not labelled when you pass the mouse cursor over it. Click on it to receive a Meteor Shower scroll - Kosh.
Bootleg Bay No, this pirate Stanley's treasure cannot be found in MM6. Look in Ravage Roaming in MM8's Jadame!
Temple of Baa Pass through the secret door and in one of the corridors there is a Torch that gives 5,000 gold.
Corlagon's Estate In the big square room with a very narrow bridge that makes a u-turn. High up of the far wall is one of those "pictures" of the skeleton in robes. It has a single torch next to it. Use telekinesis and you'll find a hidden chest with some pretty ok stuff - Tarma, Lewis Therin.
Snergle's Caverns Use the spacebar in front of the waterfall and you'll find an item, the level is random.
Monolith A nice little cache of level 6 items ... though how it was expected we'd find it stretches credulity a mite. Well, in the first room there are two large rocks. Ten times you must go back and forth, clicking them in turn (10 times each). You will get a spellbook, a shield and I think some boots, but not sure about the latter. Of course, it would be entirely natural for any party of adventurer's to do this, right? Start with the bigger one - Elara
Temple of the Snake Listen to the humming sound he makes, and you will find Q behind a hidden door. He has some chests containing great spellbooks and on his body you will find the Horn of Ros.
Agar's Lab Check for diamonds in the chandeliers.
NWC dungeon There is a small inner office inside the big room near Trip Hawkins' offices. On the desk is a chest, and when clicking on it, it says "You just found something" or some such. If you keep clicking until it stops, you get 10,000 gold. Here's the deal: no matter whether you leave, or spend gold inside the NWC dungeon (the potion Machine!) you can go right back to this chest and click some more and get all 10,000 gold refilled. It won't go over the amount, but you can ALWAYS get topped back off to 10K.
Paradise Valley I believe it is in Paradise Valley, on the Eastern border in the north. If you look off in the distance when you can't walk any further to the east, there is a chest in the distance that you can barely see. Using Telekenesis on the chest twice (once removes the trap, twice opens it) you will find the best stuff you'll ever find - Shizazination.
New Sorpigal Touch the cookpot on Forge Island and expect to be ambushed.
New Sorpigal The north side of the rooftop of the Buccaneer's Lair contains a Teleporter to the Shrine of the Gods in Dragonsand.
Dragonsand Touch the wall near the Shrine of the Gods to enter the NWC dungeon.
Dragonsand The grey outside of the NWC building contains a Teleporter back to New Sorpigal.
Tomb of VARN Above the room with the flame key, there is a small opening. Normally this is too high to jump in, but if you cast JUMP from the ramp, you can enter. This room leads directly to the library, bypassing two pools full of Genies - Gally.
Shadow Guild Jump on the safe floor tiles in the NW room. If you do it right and don't get hurt, this will open the NE Teleporter room. Give the correct answers to the riddles and you gain access to Ironfist.
Kriegspire Each time you drink from the +level well, new drakes appear in north. It seems there is a maximum of some 400 though.
Castle Kriegspire Two torches in Castle Kriegspire, IIRC with $15000 so that you can pay the gaurdian or curator - DraCaN.
Temple of the Sun Three torches in the Temple of the Sun at Bootleg Bay are unnamed, and each gives the party a scroll of Sunray (makes sense - it is the temple of the SUN! Does the temple of the moon have moonray in its torches?) - AussieAmazon.
Frozen Highlands The following thing happened after I got the quest to capture Prince of Thieves. I caught him, and not having town portal by that stage, determined to turn him in the next time i happened to be in the Frozen Highlands. As I rested in the FH (right outside the castle, mind you) he escaped - a la Prince Nicolai! I went in and spoke to the guy who gives the quest, and he gave me another quest to infiltrate the shadow guild headquarters and recapture the PoT. Did anyone else have a similar experience in the original game, or was I just dreaming? - AussieAmazon.
Now bring in the reports on Osric Temper's ghostship ....