Lord Brinne

Just after the Commmunity opened up, the MM6 posters from the old MM6 board started talking again about carting the flute around the whole game to find out if it did anything. All sorts of theories as to it's purpose arose, and out of that, two posters, Gamegurl and Steve Jaqvaar decided to form the Guild of the Wooden Flute. Posters who had an affinity for the flute joined up in droves. Zoop, a producer of MM6 and MM7 even joined up, his title being High Resonator of Flute Essence.

When Lord Brinne, a long time poster at the old M&M boards passed away just before MM8 was to be released, Zoop created Lord Brinne's Tomb at Ravenshore in MM8 for his memorial and placed early members of the Guild of the Wooden Flute as a silent honor guard in the Tomb, putting the flute in the sarcophagus as a key to the NWC headquarters in the Plane Between Planes, validating our faith in the flute for all time.