The original Flute Spoiler

Help!!! I can't find the switch to the shrine of the Titans by the Magic Well in Eel Infested Waters guarded by the two Titans!!!
Ribannah on October 30, 1998 at 11:55:00
I remember wondering about that switch, jumped to it but didn't make it, and then forgot all about it. I wonder how many secret places we still haven't discovered!
Saladar on October 30, 1998 at 12:07:15
Gee, Rib, are you serious?! He gave my chain a good yank last nite. Take a look at Captain Black's post. Pretty funny business.
Ribannah 12:10:56 10/30/98
And the next thing you'll tell me is that you never found the White Goblin??
Saladar 12:15:51 10/30/98
What White Goblin, where? I was sure I looked everywhere, he musta been using the Hind Sight spell, or is it the Fore Sight spell? No, I know, it's the Aft Sight spell, and me with tunnel vision!
BekkiM 12:15:50 10/30/98
Isn't that where you get the grey magic skill?
Saladar 12:18:57 10/30/98
I'm pretty sure that's what the flute is for! I saw this posted a month or so back by the guy with all the rotten tomatoes dripping off him ...
BekkiM 12:21:45 10/30/98
No, I think the flute gets you into Loretta's cellar to find her treasure -- you know, they DO say music hath charms... ;D
And, please, please, please, no tomatoes!
Saladar 12:31:29 10/30/98
Eggs, that's it, old and ripe! Seriously, BekkiM, I'm sure you're supposed to fly around that dead tower in Sweetwater, tootling the flute for all your worth, and after 2378 and one/tenths of a toot, you're magically transported to the Land O Grey, a whole new world with lots of stuff, maybe even Roland! Or was that Gerund? no, um, past participle... ah I have it, Plu Perfect! (pat myself on the back, thankyou, thankyou)
Ribannah 12:35:50 10/30/98
No-no-no, you have it all wrong. You need the flute in the Sewers of Free Haven, remember Hamelin?
Saladar 13:07:36 10/30/98
But, do I want all those squeakers following me everywhere? It'd get mighty crowded in a tight corner, not to mention odiferous. Maybe I'll give it himself, Slickertongue, now he might like the company!
Ribannah 13:15:54 10/30/98
Actually, you get this quest from Slickertongue himself! You need to be 'treacherous' though before you get the quest. This is one level below notorious.
Saladar 13:27:37 10/30/98
Oh, I see, it's a trick quest, cause he knows you'll never get rid of those bald-tailed wonders and you'll lose all your friends, how devious is that, that Snidely Whiplash wannabe. Why I oughta ...
BekkiM 12:45:09 10/30/98
Rats! I KNEW I had forgotten something!

With many thanks to Alter Ego